Baby Swing Bed


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Baby Swing Bed

This Baby Swing Bed is also called a jumper hammock, beautiful unique gift for your baby girl or boy and toddler. Perfect to entertain babies and kids in kindergarten or nursery. It is made with 100% natural cotton fabric. 

Attachable with safety carrier belt, fixing to the ceiling with metal carabiner. Therefore the carrying capacity is 20 kg. This allows both girl and boy baby and toddler to use the hammock like a swing, as jumping equipment, like a vestibular tool. With this baby swing in the form of a bed, your baby will simply enjoy safe the movements and the sensory outcome from it. 

The Baby Swing Bed will make your babies more comfortable with both the “Up – Down” movement and the “Right – Left” movement helping to fall asleep faster and work on the coordination at the same time visual and perception abilities. 

Available in three colors.


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