Baby Teether Toy



Baby Teether Toy 

Teething usually starts between four to seven months. The Baby Teether Toy will help to calm the pain or reduce it while the child will be biting it. We know that the two front teeth (central incisors), either upper or lower, usually appear first. Then the opposite front teeth. The first molars come in next, followed by the canines. It is a difficult and painful process for the little one. The teether toy is also made to improve the chewing, mouthing and biting skills. 

It is good preparation for the mouth to get ready to receive food. Also, it will help the child to start controlling the swallowing of the saliva. 

Plastic and rubber toys are great for soothing aching gums. 

In case of pain, Note:

    • Avoid teething rings that are frozen solid; they are too hard for children’s mouths.
    • A light, gentle rub or massage might give your little one a lot of relief. 


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