Best Weighted Blanket for Adult


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Best Weighted Blanket for Adult

What is the weighted blanket?
The Weighted blanket for Adult improves your sleep quality by stimulating every relevant pressure point on your body by making your body relaxed. 

The weighted blanket for Adults activate the deep touch pressure stimulation. It has been shown to produce a calming, soothing effect that reduces anxiety. The deep touch pressure also helps with mood and sleep. It’s also helpful for addressing those adults with Autism and ADHD.

Why is it so heavy?
The weighted blanket is 100% cotton fabric,  filled with high-density glass pellets, it is non-toxic and tasteless. 

Please Note: Normally we don’t suggest to wash it in washing machine, because this blanket is heavy, machine washing may make the infill glass pellets uneven. If it is need to clean, please clean it partially by hand in cold water.


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