Disc Swing for Tree



Disc Swing for Tree

Children Disc Swing is made of plastic , safe, strong and cool equipment for children for outdoor and indoor activities.Ā 

Why to obtain one disc swing for your young one?

1. Safe material and environmentally friendly.
2. The rope has two circular rings and eight buckles to adjust the length of rope.Ā 
3. It can improve children’sĀ motor skills, strengthsĀ and add fitness entertainment fun.
4. The color of disc is available in 3 colors.Ā Ā 
5. Suitable for children over 3 years old.

If you want to improve the gross motor skills of your child, the enjoyment to your kids, then this disc swing it is a must!!Ā 

This swing is perfect for those who hasĀ space at home or garden outside.Ā Let your child have some vestibular fun)


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