Finger Pen Holder


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Finger Pen Holder

Parents usually get very involved in important aspects of childhood learning. However,sometimes small details such as the importance of a good pencil grip can go unnoticed.

And why is this important?
Holding a pencil or pen correctly requires a strong finger and hand muscles and good dexterity.

The ability to hold a pencil correctly can affect a childā€™s attitude to learning and schoolwork. For those children who struggle with incorrect pencil gripĀ Finger Pen holder might help to achieveĀ their academic achievement as well as their motor/joint development. An incorrect pencil grip is very painful, not functional and causes the childā€™s hand and arm to fatigue quickly.Ā 

According to the experts, 3 yrs old is an ideal age to start learning correct pencil grip.Ā The finger pen holder is the best to provide a correct tripod grip.Ā 


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