Fluffy Slime


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Fluffy Slime


The fluffy slime or soft putty is an incredible tool to work with children from 2 years old. In our experience, it is suggested to parents start introducing the putty before the child starts handwriting tasks. As part of funny and creative activities, children’s love to get messy! So why say no?
Let your child enjoy and have fun with his messy hands. Messy hands and fluffy slime is a perfect combination to work on the small muscles of the hands, making then each time stronger and getting ready for the future work.

When do we use small muscles?

In most of the activities of our life:

  • butting
  • zipping
  • beading
  • making puzzles
  • pulling pieces of bread
  • cutting nails
  • writing
  • typing, etc.

It is one of the most used tools nowadays in occupational therapy sessions especially when the child has to work on fine motor activities.
it is also a well-known tool for those who have sensory difficulties.

Especially children who refuse to cut their nails, comb their hair, brush their teeth, barefoot, touch sand or other textures, eat a particular foot or texture.

The therapeutic putty or fluffy slime can be also used as a tool for pre-writing skills like cutting/scissoring, letter formation or recognition, recognition, and formation of shapes and numbers. It all depends on how creative you are with the slime!

For many activities we do not need to use pencil and paper, we can learn by imitation of small objects and using simple shapes and tools.

The fluffy slime is one of them!


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