Foot Massage Slippers


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Foot Massage Slippers

The foot massager slippers with unique magnet therapy technology, it is made of artificial PU and cloth material with EVA sole, they are non-slip and safe, innovative alternative to the traditional reflexology sandals. Effectively reduce pain, pressure and fatigue on pinched nerves.

Foot massage – an ancient technique to strengthen the body. 

Since ancient times massage of acupuncture points located on the foot is used as a means to improve well-being and increase the tone of the body. And this is not surprising, because it is on the foot that there are 10% of all active points that are responsible for the work of almost all organs. That is why the Chinese call the foot “second heart” and pay maximum attention to it.


Foot Massage Slippers: 

  • Provide a full massage of acupuncture points and reflexogenic zones of the foot.
  • Thanks to natural stone and wood, sandals relieve static stress.
  • Stimulation of active points increases immunity and resistance to negative environmental effects
  • Improve local blood circulation, contribute to the removal of edema
  • Helps relax, relieve stress
  • Improve well-being and increase the overall health of the body

It is recommended to wear massage slippers for only 10-30 minutes daily, and soon you will notice an improvement in well-being and mood. For best results after a session of wearing slippers, it is recommended to drink 300 ml of water.

This will improve the elimination of toxins from the body and enhance the effect of using sandals. Massage slippers are a unique and surprisingly effective remedy for your beauty, health and youth!

Package Includes:

1 pair of massage slippers


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