Kids Tweezers


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Kids Tweezers 

Kids Tweezers available in different colors. Made it from plastic, super safe for children from 4 years old. This tool normally used in fine motor activities can be asked to acquire at home if the child needs to reinforce his fine motor skills and grip. Perfect to improve fine motor grips, especially the pincer grip. 

These tweezers will be used to pick small beads or softballs.

It is a usual tool to work on visual awareness, recognition of colors and shapes as well. 

Around the age of 3-4, children are asked to be involved in different academical activities. Many times we do not observe if the child is ready for those academic activities. Sometimes our body, hands and in general the nervous system is blocked and does not respond to the demand. This might produce anxiety and in the future, if it is not well addressed, we might have more difficulties in other areas than the handwriting.  

Recommendation: do not put pressure on your little one if he is not ready for it! If your child has difficulties with handwriting- Check his coloring, drawing and other fine motor skills like beading, lacing, puzzles, pulling, strength in holding blocks before to continue addressing the handwriting difficulties as many times the problem is not there. If you have any questions or doubts just refer to the teacher of the school or occupational therapist or us in our email and we will be glad to guide you or help you!


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