Massage Ball


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Massage Ball

The functionality of the massage balls are that they can be easily used for adults suffering from stress, and at the same time children who has sensory needs. Also it can be used as a fidget for children with autism, dyspraxia and adhd. This peanut massage ball is good for children and adults who has difficulty with sensory input. Also for children who needs to be stimulated due to the hypotonia. 

With children who has low tone, this tool can be used as an alert tool, to activate the muscle tone.

For children with hypertonia, we can use the massage ball as a calming tool. Everything will depend on the sensory profile of your child.

How you can use the massage ball?

We can use it under our feet, hands, chest, neck and back. Consult your occupational therapist and physiotherapist in order to have the best guidance and recommendation of how to use it. 

Material: Rubber
Function: Muscle Relex Apparatus
Size: Other
Model Number: Massage Ball


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