Motion Sensor Lamp


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Motion Sensor Lamp 

A motion sensor (or motion detector) is an electronic device that is designed to detect and measure movement.

This particular motion sensor lamp is created to bring you lights while you move. Perfect sensory tool, for children with autism or children with sensory processing disorder. With this sensory tool you can help your child to identify when he has to sit on the toilet, make the activity more fun in case if we struggle with potty training.

Why your child might struggle with potty training or sitting on the toilet? 

Might be because the child do not see the interes in the activity, it is not attractive for him to repeat the same. Some times using small sensory tools we can help the child to pay more attention to us and what we are trying to teach. Consult your occupational therapist for more information regarding sensory tools, potty training. Observe your child, or the adult who is finding it difficult and simply check how does your child or the adult process the sensory information. 

Available in 2 shapes. 


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