Pencil Grip


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Pencil Grip

Pencil Grip is a type of another very comfortable triangles pencil grips. Set of 3. 

The first pencil grip we can see in our little ones is the palmar grasp where movement -This emerges around 1 – 1½ years while colouring and scribbling. 

We need to know about the different developmental stages, because when we look at the different pencil grasps, we need to be able to see if the grip the child is using is the one appropriate. 

If they are on the developmental journey, we need to provide them with strengthening for the different specific muscle groups to help them move along to the next stage. 

From 3 years old the child should start emerging the quadripod grip. In case if the child uses different grips, and the occupational therapist suggest you to use a pencil grip, this pencil grip might be very useful. 

Children develop this correct grasp anywhere between 4½ – 7 years.


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