Platform swing


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Platform swing

This platform swing is made from natural sponge laminated fabric. The swing is very comfortable to use in the sensory rooms, occupational therapy sessions, sensory integration sessions or if there is space at home, outdoors or indoors is perfectly incorporated too. 

It is a great home swing to entertain babies and kids in kindergarten or nursery. The platform swing natural round swing is a beautiful unique gift for your baby, toddler, and kid. Attachable with safety carrier belt, fixing to the ceiling with metal carabiner. 

This type of swing improves the vestibular system of your child, apart of other functions like motor skills, visual skill, perception and cognitive skills, body awareness. 

Highly recommended for kids with sensory needs, autism, adhd, dyspraxia. 

This article has a swing width of 85cm, hanging length of 220cm and carrying capacity 100 kg.



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