Sensory books for infants


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Sensory books for infants

Sensory Books for infant are made for encourage the reading . The reading is the complex cognitive process of decoding symbols to derive meaning.  It is a form of language processing. In order to start the comprehension, learning abilities, languages acquisition start when the child start reading. 

You will say, but the child at the early age do not read!

Completely agreed, however we can start exploring, and introducing to infants the  sensory books, with sounds and special shapes. This will improve the interest and motivate the child to learn, to ask and communicate for more. 

How to know which book is good?

Any sensory book with animals and shapes will be great gift, but you can always check what is the preference of the child, does the child smiles to animals sounds? or perhaps to other sounds? does the child show interest for any particular shape or color? 

This might help you to see if this sensory book is appropriate. Contact us if you need any help or information!


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