Sensory Brushes


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Sensory Brushes

This Sensory Brushes are available in two colores. Soft and gentle material, perfect for the skin of your child. 

What is the Sensory Brush?

The sensory brush is often a part of a sensory integration or sensory therapy program run by an occupational therapist. It involves brushing the body with a small sensory brush throughout the day.

People who exhibit symptoms of tactile defensiveness are extremely sensitive to touch. 

The complete protocol usually takes 2-3 minutes to administer. The first step involves using a soft, plastic, sensory brush which is run over the child’s skin, using very firm pressure; it is like a deep pressure massage.

Important: Brushing starts at the arms and works down to the feet. The face, chest, and stomach area are never brushed because these are very sensitive areas. 

In our experience: Some of the benefits may include improved ability to transition between daily activities, improved attention span, a decreased fear or discomfort of being touched, enhanced coordination, and better self-regulation.


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