Sensory Gym Equipment


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Sensory Gym Equipment 

Sensory Gym Equipment in different shapes is a set available in different sizes and colors. This Sensory Gym Equipment is a must to have in your sensory room. 


If your child needs to improve balance and coordination skills these are a piece of very good equipment to use for. We call it sensory training equipment because it is made from a special material, strong bearing force, soft and firm at the same time, perfect to be used as a stool to jump from or simply a balance step.

It can be introduced to work on vestibular training program, to develop balance and coordination , to promote eye-hand coordination, to discriminate colors at the same time the child is stepping on them, or to match and sort colors or shapes.

Everything depends on your imagination! You can work imitation and creativity too.

The Sensory Gym Equipment is available as a set of 16 pieces.


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