Sensory Lights


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 Sensory Lights

Sensory lights helps to calm and relax for children with special needs. The light can bring calm or alert effect on them, providing enjoyable sensations. Children with sensory processing disorder, adhd and dyspraxia are very benefit from it. 

Used for: 

Specially uses for children with Sensory Optic. This Fiber Lighting it is used for children with Autism in Multi Sensory Rooms, occupational therapy rooms, sensory integration rooms, and other rooms where children can enjoy exploring with this light system. 

Sensory fiber optics with dazzling sparkle colorful light make kids with sensory needs to be relaxing.  It is widely used for therapeutic approaches like sensory room, occupational therapy room, sensory integration rooms. 

Description :

Fiber optic cable is a light guide material. It don’t emit light itself. So we need use a LED light source engine. So it is very safely!


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