Sensory Motor Equipment



Sensory Motor Equipment 

The Sensory Motor Equipment is a set of different equipment that many times we will be using in the occupational therapy sessions, sensory integration or any other physical and sensory therapy.

Many times your occupational therapist will talk about the importance of climbing, grasping, open the hand for better handwriting, for strengthening. The reason why it is because the ladder is one of the basic equipment that your child should benefit from. 

The ladder swing improves:

  • strength
  • grasp¬†
  • scissoring skills¬†
  • coloring skills
  • coordination¬†

 Also on many occasions, you will hear about the vestibular system or input, or your child needs sensory input and vestibular. 

What does that mean?

Our vestibular system helps us to maintain correct balance and coordination. It is the one who takes care of our walking, jumping, turning, rolling, skills and abilities. It is very important to give stimuli to your child with or not special needs. 

Highly recommended for kids from 6 years old with autism, ADHD, dyspraxia and in general: all children should have time to spend their energy with some movements!


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