Sensory Seat Cushion



Sensory Seat Cushion

This special sensory seat will bring your child:

  1. movement
  2. awareness
  3. attention
  4. perception of environment
  5. postural control

The sensory seating cushion is spiky cushion and is now available in 

Perfect tool to use as a alert or calming tool.

In order to identify if you child might benefit from it observe :

If your child moves while doing homework, or stand up a lot, or has difficulty to stop fidgeting– this sensory seat cushion might be a calming tool!

If your child loses the attention easily, does not focus, the posture while sitting is not correct and she/he tend to lay down on the desk- this sensory seat cushion might be an alert tool!

Available in 9 colors. 

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Sensory seating cushion

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Material: Rubber
Dimensions: 33cm
Age Range: > 3 years old


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