Sensory Vest


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The sensory vest!

This vest is designed to provide sensory deep pressure to a child’s torso in order to improve body awareness. This sensory vest help to calm down as well as improve attention and focus. This vest can be used as a calming tool and alerting tool.¬†

Calming tool: to help your child to be more relaxed and less busy with his body.

Alerting tool:for those children with low muscle tone, and those children with poor body awareness. 

Important: check with your occupational therapist if this vest is suitable for your child’s¬†needs. Also in general , it is not recommended¬†to use it while the child has to do gross motor activities like:

  • bouncing

  • jumping

This sensory vest also helps decrease sensory seeking behaviors that are often seen in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and children with Sensory Processing Disorder. Now this sensory vest is available in 

Gender: Girls and boys
Fit: Fits true to size, available in small and medium size.


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