Squishy mesh ball


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Squishy mesh ball

 Another useful sensory tool in sensory integration is the Squishy mesh balls.

This squishy balls are made to help to maintain your hands busy in case of stress, or for children who has the needs to keep their hands busy, fidgeting. 

This sensory balls can be used during fine motor skills and at the same time gross motor skills. 

While writing, ask the child to rest and use the squishy ball as a calming tool, to rest his/her hand. 

While moving in a sensory room, playing or working on gross motor skills, can be used to rest or to pay attention during explanations. 

It is important to understand what your child needs. For that consult your occupational therapist or the therapist who is working in sensorimotor activities/room. In case if this tool will be recommended to use at school, the child might be benefit from some movement breaks in order to calm or alert his/her hands. 

Perfect tool for children with autism, adhd, dyspraxia, dislexia, sensory disorders. 


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