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Therapeutic putty¬†is a very important tool for any Occupational therapist and Ergotherapist. This tool is non-toxic, not oily and made it for the purpose to work and improve your hand’s dexterity and also work on those small muscles taking care of our hands manipulation skills.¬†

The therapy putty or therapeutic putty has different colors. Each color corresponds to the level of effort that the child might use. It can be used as a calming tool for those who have busy hands or as alerting for those who struggle with handwriting. This therapeutic putty is mainly used to work on:

  1. strength of hands
  2. improve the pencil grip
  3. improve the eye hand manipulation 
  4. hand manipulation skills

In our experience : children prefer to use the therapeutic putty before to start any handwriting exercises, colouring or drawing.

Some of the funny exercises : 

  • Effective Therapy Putty Exercises¬†
  • Finger Scissors.¬†
  • Power Grip.¬†
  • Flat Pinch.¬†
  • Finger Spread.¬†
  • Finger Extension.¬†
  • Finger Spread.¬†
  • Full Grip.

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