Toddler Swing Chair


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Toddler Swing Chair

This Toddler Swing Chair is a beautiful gift for your little one.
Why Swinging it is so important?

Swinging is an activity that helps children develop gross motor skills. Platform swing, Ladder swing, Disc swing, Brazilian hammock swing, or any other swing that works for you and your child also gently develop muscle strength and fine motor skills.
Swinging is one of the best activities for young children to develop their sensory system namely our vestibular and proprioception systems.

Vestibular stimulation occurs when we experience movement through time and space in combination with the earth’s gravitational forces. Swinging encourages social interaction and development. Moreover, this activity also increases spatial awareness.

These swings are intended for children from 2 years old. Once your baby can sit and has stable head control, she can swing gently in a toddler swing chair. 



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