Trampoline Kids Indoor


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Trampoline Kids Indoor

Trampoline is what your child needs if you are looking to burn some energy!! If your child is hyperactive or hypoactive, a trampoline will surely helps him or her to regule the body to the just right level. 

Why trampoline is useful?

The role of the Trampoline in performing jumping exercises is used in vestibular sensory integration and to develop a sense of balance, but it also promotes hand-eye coordination, self-motivation and sports planning.

Important to note:

Physical activity makes you feel happy, positive and confident. Endorphins, chemicals that improve mood during exercise, are activated by jumping. An added benefit is the pure fun factor of jumping up and down. Jumping on a trampoline will give you peace of mind that you are safe, leaving you free to smile, laugh and feel happy!

This Trampoline is available in two different colors. 

Supports max.150KG


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