Trampoline Sensory Equipment


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Trampoline Sensory Equipment

Children who regularly jump on a trampoline get educational benefits. Studies have shown that jumping on a trampoline can Influence academic success – By helping a child control body movement, you can also help him or her learn better.

A trampoline is possibly one of the best ways to exercise. Nowadays, we don’t always have time to go to the gym to do zumba, body combat or pilates, so having a trampoline at home allows us to move the whole body, the lymphatic system, oxygenate our cells and eliminate toxins in a short time and effort while having a great time.

The lymphatic system is responsible for bathing every cell in our body, transporting nutrients to them, and removing toxins that we don’t need. Without physical exercise the lymphatic system cannot perform its functions and the cells become stagnant, lacking in nutrients and sick, leading to diseases such as arthritis, cancer, and other degenerative diseases. Physical exercise, and in particular jumping on the trampoline, increases the activity of the lymphatic system by 15 to 30 times.

The vertical movement up and down that is done by jumping on the trampoline is very effective because the fluids of the lymphatic system move through the channels called “vessels”, which are full of one-way valves, so the lymphatic system always moves in the same direction. The main lymph vessels run through the legs, arms, and torso.

11 benefits of jumping on the trampoline every day for 10-30 minutes 

  1. It circulates oxygen to the tissues.
  2. It increases lymphatic circulation as well as blood flow in the veins of the circulatory system.
  3. Helps you breathe more deeply.
  4. Normalized blood pressure.
  5. It can help fight depression.
  6. It stimulates the metabolism.
  7. Promotes muscle tone.
  8. It is very effective for people with adrenal gland exhaustion (adrenal fatigue).
  9. It increases the activity of the red bone marrow in the production of red blood cells.
  10. Reduces high cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  11. Improves digestion and elimination processes.


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