Whistle From Nose


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Whistle From Nose 

Yes! you read well- Whistle From Nose !!! 

This time we would like to present another idea of how to work blowing but using our nose, as we do it in our daily life activities. 

In some occasions children with autism, ADHD, , Dyspraxia and other neurological conditions might have difficulties to blow their nose. This whistle can change this. The shape of the whistle is perfect to adapt in one of the nostrils. 


This whistle is very easy to use- following the Padovan method– a holistic, natural, hand-on therapy- a must to have at home. The child will enjoy the sound coming from it  “sound of a train” and possibly show more interest to blow than at the beginning. 

This can be a pre-exercises before introducing the life activity- blowing from the nose using a tissue etc…

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