Whistles for Therapy


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Whistles for Therapy 

This Whistles are perfect for Therapy to work on the blowing skills, oral motor processing, and sensory integration. 

For children who are attending Padovan therapy, this whistles can be very effective as they represent the idea of the method. 

What is Padovan therapy?

It is a natural, holistic, hands-on therapy. It is based on the physiological developmental stages (rolling, creeping, crawling, walking) of the human being, in order to stimulate and re-organise the Nervous System pathway. The aim is to reorganize neurological circuits responsible for various human activities through specific stimulations. In order to restore functions that are lost, or impaired, but also to train intact functions to achieve full potential and wellbeing.” by www.padovanmethod.co.uk 

Padovan therapy stimulates breathing, blowing, swallowing, chewing and sucking phases. For each phase, milestones Padovan therapy uses material, preferible wooden. For Breathing control and blowing the method uses whistles.

This Whistle for therapy can be easily used by therapist or parents at home. 


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